Hygiene solutions from the expert


Hygiene solutions from the expert
The subject of hygiene is becoming increasingly important. Waldner supports you here with cost-effective solutions. In many companies, personnel and production areas are separated via so-called hygiene gates, an important part of which is the foot bath, which Waldner adapts to individual requirements.

Non-contact hand washing is indispensable nowadays. Waldner offers you a comprehensive range of solutions from low cost hand wash basins and multi-space hand washing troughs to pre-installed, connectable hygiene washing stations. The non-contact taps are available either with battery operation or for connection to a 230 V supply.

The hand washing range is rounded off with mesh-style stainless steel waste paper baskets and towel, soap and disinfectant dispensers, with a hygienic housing made of stainless steel.

The Waldner hygiene product range comprises:

  • Hand wash basins and troughs (also with contact-free taps)
  • Sinks and pharmaceutical sinks
  • workbenches
  • worktops
  • work cupboards
  • tall cupboards
  • wall-mounted cupboards 
  • thermal cabinets
  • wall shelves and mounted shelves
  • multi-level shelves
  • exhaust hoods