Other types of hoses are available on request


Hose P10 green and P15 yellow - High quality, anti-static rubber hoses core and cover made of aging-resistant EPDM

Can be used up to 110 °C, temporarily up to 130 °C. Frequently used in the paper industry.
The hose P10 green is highly flexible but nevertheless kink-resistant due to the synthetic textile thread/fabric inlay.

Hose T6 and T18 - Electrically conductive rubber hoses

Suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres zone 0 / 1. Core and cover made of EPDM. Can be used up to up to 164 °C and 210 °C respectively.
The steam hose T6 has inlays made of special highly tear-resistant textile threads. The steam hose T8 is a robust, durable hose with a steel wire braided inlay. 

Special hose - For hot water and steam

The hose is designed for steam up to 6 bar and hot water  with 95° up to a pressure of 20 bar.

The spezial hose for steam and hot water is approved for foodstuffs and has a wound cord fabric inlay. The blue hose surface is resistant against standard detergents.